James DeLay

Software Engineer

Hi, I'm James


I first discovered coding in my early teenage years, and it was love at first 'site'. I remember hacking away on a gargantuan white box of a computer, building websites with HTML, CSS, and Notepad. Though these "web pages" are now lost in the depths of my old hard drive, I continued to play around with code as a hobbyist programmer for years thereafter. It wasn’t until later in my life, while pursuing my MBA, that I began to think of software engineering as a career path.

At that time, I was working as a carpenter during the day and taking graduate classes at night. While at work, I realized how much I enjoyed building things and solving the three-dimensional puzzles that carpentry presents. My favorite part of the job was coming up with creative ways to solve the difficult problems my team and I faced daily. I decided to combine this passion for building and creating with my love for code.

This decision led me to The Fullstack Academy, where I studied software engineering and web development. After completing my studies at Fullstack, I was hired as a Teaching Fellow, where I taught and mentored aspiring software engineers. I then went on to work at Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. and subsequently McKinsey & Co., where I currently work as a full-stack Software Engineer and Technical Consultant.

During my tenure at McKinsey, I've worked on numerous applications, spanning geospatial analytic tools to PowerPoint automation scripts. I specialize in front-end web development and have extensive experience building responsive web applications. I am passionate about solving complex problems and experimenting with code.

James DeLay

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ChatGPT: A developers best friend

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Recent Projects

Cover Image for Puppeteer: Morning Blast Newsletter

Puppeteer: Morning Blast Newsletter

A project that leverages Puppeteer to scrape the links to interesting articles from a series of subreddit pages on Reddit.com. The plan is to scrape the subreddits, inject the results to an email template, and email the template to a list of subscribers. Built using nodemailer and Mail Trip as an email testing service.

Cover Image for Portfolio Website

Portfolio Website

I built this website, the one you're currently browsing, to share all the cool programming related things I've worked on. Built using React, NextJS, and TailwindCSS

Cover Image for Raspberry Pi Home Lab: Part I

Raspberry Pi Home Lab: Part I

I built and automated the setup of a Raspberry Pi cluster using Ansible and k3s. All you need to get started is an SD card flashed with Raspian and a basic understanding of your home network. I plan to use the cluster as a sandbox to learn more about Kubernetes.